Nature-Material-Culture Talk 2014, November, with Stefan Schwabe at Hybrid Plattform

Although biological processes, like brewing or cheese making, have a long tradition in human culture, today the capability to the use biotechnology is changing fundamentally. We are able to understand and manipulate processes on a molecular scale in order to create outcomes in our favour. In todays reality, this outcomes are ranging from insulin produced by bacteria, over corn resistant to a majority of vermin, to glow-in-the-dark plants and pigs. Considering this only as a starting point, illustrating the potential to change our daily lives on an immense scale, a public debate on how we want to live with this technology is necessary. A deeper understanding of both, the processes as well as their context and meaning is crucial. This involves a redefinition of our relation towards »the natural« and »artificial«. »Nature - Material - Culture« shows the different disciplines perspectives on biotechnology and aims to encourage a dialogue based on shared tasks and concerns.

Prof. Dr. Rupert Mutzel, FU Berlin, Mikrobiologie
Martin Mueller, HU Berlin, Institut fuer Kulturwissenschaften
Amy Congdon, Designer
Jannis Huelsen, Stefan Schwabe, Designer
Dr. Patrick Dieckhoff, Biooekonomierat

Stefan Schwabe
Hybrid Plattform

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Nature-Material-Culture Talk